Electrical distribution equipment used by commercial and industrial companies worldwide. Products include distribution transformers, power transformers, voltage regulators, switching/sectionalizing cabinets, junction boxes and transformer components.

Micro-Processor Based low and medium voltage motor protection relays. MV Feeder Protection Re-lays, Industrial and Substation hardened Ethernet Switches and Protocol Converters. MV Distribution Automation Controllers.

Power Factor Correction Capacitors:
- LV Fixed and Automatic Banks
- MV Fixed and Automatic Banks
- LV and MV Passive and Active Harmonic Filtering

Steel and Stainless steel enclosures, standard NEMA sizes and custom enclosures. Wireway, Data and Telecom cabinets


Siever-Matic S™ Professional LP Torches and Burners for heat shrinkable cable accessories

Industrial Connections:
Terminal blocks
Cord grips
Distribution blocks, relays
Cable trays, labels & printers

Optical and Audible Signaling products for OEM’s, Panel Builders and Industrial Applications
Signal Towers, Clean Room Signaling, LEAN Production solutions

Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges initiated by revolutionary macrotrends in science, technology and society. A Fortune 100 company, we create solutions to improve the quality of life of people around the globe: generating clean, healthy energy – and using it more efficiently. Increasing our safety and security. Enabling people around the world to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Power and control transformers for PCB mounting and chassis mounting. Power ratings vary from less than 1VA to 10KVA.
Linear DC power supplies with single and multiple outputs for use with international power sources 100/117/220/230/240 VAC. Recently added 480 VAC input line of power supplies.
Unregulated DC power supplies with 115 VAC or 230 VAC input; 10 Watts up to 800 Watts output, for solenoids, stepping motor, servo applications.
Custom and standard transformers and power supplies.
High, medium, and low volume production runs.

Industrial Connection Products - Automation Cables and Cordsets, Field wireable connectors, receptacles, junction blocks and accessories. Devicenet, Industrial Ethernet and Profibus cables. Metric, PG and NPT Cable Glands, sealing glands and cable entry sys-tems. Panel Interface Connectors
ILME - Rectangular Multi-pole Industrial Connectors

Manufacturer of high quality Network, Coaxial, Multi-Conductor Security & Control, Home Theatre, Fire Alarm, Thermostat, Irrigation, Tracer, Access Control, and Multimedia Cables.


Formally Pentair Thermal Management
Residential & Commercial self regulating heat cable for:
- Pipe Freeze Protection and Flow Maintenance
- Roof & Gutter De-Icing
- Surface Snow Melting & Anti-Icing
- Freezer Frost Heave Prevention
- Floor Warming / Floor Heating
- Hot Water Temperature Maintenance
- Control & Monitoring Systems


Truss-T Hanger is the new industry standard for hanging pipe, electrical, HVAC, fire suspension, and more in open web bar joist. Truss-T Hangers are shaped like a “T” and, unlike traditional hanging systems, are installed by going through the middle of the truss and then being locked into place by a coupling device.

US Manufactured low and medium voltage distribution transformers.  Dry and Liquid filled types. 
The largest independent transformer manufacturer in Western US.


Nonmetallic Cable Racking, Wunpeece Duct Spacers, Custom fabricated Duct Spacers, Bore Spacers

SF6 and Solid Dielectric Pad Mounted and Submersible Switchgear for commercial, military and industrial installations.

E-Mon D-Mon submeters, a Honeywell company, are installed worldwide for tenant billing, cost allocation, green building programs and load profiling in skyscrapers, shopping centers, airports, factories, office buildings, apartment complexes, industrial, governmental and educational facilities.

PowerCon is proud to represent the following Manufacturer's in Iowa and Nebraska:

Mills Labs, Inc. is an American-owned and operated clean technology company that designs and manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial usage. Mills Labs LED lighting products are available through our national distribution network of lighting agents and electrical distribution companies. Our focus is on the development of innovative LED luminaires and retrofit lamps for the commercial and industrial markets. 

Electrical Manufacturer's Representative in Iowa and Nebraska
PO Box 1563 Bellevue NE 68005 402-895-6697

Industrial Interactive Product Solutions.  Industrial Computers, Monitors, Large Format Displays, Network Security, and Digital Signage Software


Electrical Control and Distribution solutions for Hazardous and Harsh locations, Lighting, Control Stations, Plugs & Receptacles, Enclosures and Panelboards. Intrinsically Safe Barriers/Isolation Barriers and Intrinsically Safe I/O